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Rosa was a nickname, we didn't know her real name. She left her two guards, who looked like clumsy deaf-mute bears, at the reception, she always entered the hall alone, without a gentleman or girlfriends, so no one ever addressed her by name in our presence https://www.onlinecasinosvizzera.com/recensioni/winspark/. Rose often visited us to smoke a pipe and play cards, big, but slowly, without excitement and shouting, as they say "without songs and dances", not in a gypsy way, although big almond-shaped eyes, pitch black, swarthy skin and silky heavy hair - a crow's wing betrayed in her a purebred gypsy. And in her clothes, quite European, from the most expensive boutiques in Milan, gypsy motifs slipped through: either large, red roses, even tear out your eye, along a black fluffy skirt from some Dolchegabbana, then sleeves - wings. And her cleavage made all our boys stutter including Leshka, although Rosa was suitable for them as a mother. Ai-Petri therefore never put the “first” guys to her. And all the girls in the casino were angry and envious of this neckline, buttoning their tight white blouses to the very throat, tightening them with striped vests in the style of Chicago of the 20s and, in addition, pinching their collars up to suffocation with the same striped butterflies, in the style of vests, like that one. demanded the dress code of our casino.






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